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    Shenzhen Donghaifu Technology Co.,Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales and engineering services for high-tech enterprise, specializing in the production of electronic, optical, insulation grade polymer organic thin-film. I produced the conductive film surface brightness, high tear strength and conductivity of arbitrary choice. Products in the industry enjoys a high reputation. With a number of domestic state-of-the-art thin film production line. The company has strong technical force, for various domestic and international flexible packaging manufacturers, protective film manufacturers to provide a packaging substrate of higher prices for better quality, but also for the enterprise product packaging product packaging materials. Companies meet the challenges of the market, and continuously improve product quality, and constantly develop the product range to accommodate a variety of customer requirements, tailored to customers but also for the various needs of customers.

            Companies adhering to the "quality, innovation, win-win" business philosophy. In R & D production process off the manufacture of differentiated products to meet different customer needs based on market demand. We sincerely provide customers with the most professional technology, the finest products and highest quality service, and strive to create a first-class space.

    Service commitments:
    We are confident that you choose the moment of our product, a service, the beginning of a relationship, not an end. Attention to each customer, and is willing to do our best to provide you the most satisfaction.

    Corporate values: innovation and development, the pursuit of excellence.

    Enterprise spirit: pioneering, innovation, pragmatism, and dedication.
    Management concept: on-site management - standardization; quality management - standardization.

    Quality concept:

    Qualified products is our responsibility, quality and excellence is our contribution; benefits are money

    Quality of life;
    Quality is the lifeline of business, and no quality will be no market, no credibility, there is no market. Adhere to a center (the user), relying on two-class (products and services) to play the three forces (sincerely + skills + stamina).

    Talent concept:
    Talent is the company's most valuable asset, enterprises provide their employees with the opportunity to employees for companies to create wealth.

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